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Memory Round One: Page 1 :iconfuturesoulsurvivor:FutureSoulSurvivor 2 1 Memory Audition pg 4 :iconfuturesoulsurvivor:FutureSoulSurvivor 1 0 Memory Audition pg 3 :iconfuturesoulsurvivor:FutureSoulSurvivor 1 0 Memory Audition pg 2 :iconfuturesoulsurvivor:FutureSoulSurvivor 2 0 Memory Audition pg 1 :iconfuturesoulsurvivor:FutureSoulSurvivor 1 0 Memory OCT - Cedric Ref :iconfuturesoulsurvivor:FutureSoulSurvivor 2 2 Memory OCT - Sanyo Ref :iconfuturesoulsurvivor:FutureSoulSurvivor 1 0 PS Practice: Puffle Ref :iconfuturesoulsurvivor:FutureSoulSurvivor 0 0 HL Spectator Ref - Puffle :iconfuturesoulsurvivor:FutureSoulSurvivor 1 0 Me on G Virus :iconfuturesoulsurvivor:FutureSoulSurvivor 1 0 Necro Type-2 :iconfuturesoulsurvivor:FutureSoulSurvivor 0 0 Necros Type-1 :iconfuturesoulsurvivor:FutureSoulSurvivor 0 0 Contest Entry :iconfuturesoulsurvivor:FutureSoulSurvivor 1 3


SFV - Ibuki :iconphamoz:phamoz 370 12 RedGirl :iconabysswatchers:AbyssWatchers 462 113 The unstoppable succubus conclusion :icontheinsanedarkone:TheInsaneDarkOne 127 56 Serval-san! :icondshou:DShou 451 50
Death Battle Written: Hall of Records A
Cutoff Date: April 11th, 2017
Added Megazord and Voltron to the Seasons 3-4 section
Updated Agumon, Batman, Dan Hibiki, Ganondorf, Kirby, Knuckles, Mettaton, Michelangelo, Scrooge McDuck, Sweet Tooth, Tai Kamiya, The Meta, Tracer, and Wolverine
Added Alpha Hydranoid, Chucky, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Izuku Midoriya, and Thanos

Hall of Record Requirements

1. A fight will not be included if there are too many spelling and grammar mistakes
2. A fight MUST be more then 1000 words
3. A fight most not be made up of mostly one line sentences
4. No joke battles whatsoever
5. Re-MATCHES are allowed
6. Don't piss me off
7. Written fights only
8. Please make sure your fight has "Death Battle" in the title so I can find it

Have you ever wondered how well your most favorite character has done in the Death Battle Arena? This list will showcase a characters wins and defeats from Death Battle Classic as well as the Death Battle Wr
:iconmldkf:MLDKF 21 47
YouTuber DB Hall of Records

(I know, Kart42 has technically done this, but I felt that a version featuring only the YouTubers should be made. The ones they have faced (Deadpool, Dan, etc.) will not be featured on this list)
The Rules:
1. The fight must have at least one thousand words! Anything shorter will not be allowed.
2. The verdict must make sense.
3. No joke-based battles.
4. Only YouTubers are featured on this list.
Anyway, let's get started!

Vs. The Animatronics- Victory
Pixels vs Gamers- Victory
Vs. Dan Hibiki- Victory
Vs. M. Bison- Victory
We Have To Review Your S#!T- Loss
Total: 4W/1L

We Have To Review Your S#!T- Loss
Total: 1L

Vs Deadpool- Victory
:icontheuberchargedguy217:TheUberchargedGuy217 4 13
Pastel vs Princess Peach (Page 2 of 3) :iconmayydayy:mayydayy 87 38 Kim and Sabrina training :iconmayydayy:mayydayy 60 13 Final toast :iconmadbaek:MadBaek 142 11 Poolparty Katarina by GDecy :iconlp4ever:LP4ever 101 2
An Update and a Party Gone Awry
It occurs to me I haven't really talked much about what's been going on in my life lately. Well, here's where I change that. 
First and foremost, ah, the responsibilities of adulthood, eh? When you work in the chocolate industry September to April just about comprises the heaviest work season of the year. You have to worry about Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day and Easter, all the most chocolate-inclined holidays on record and every business in the area making a mad scramble to beat the other to the rush. "I've been busy" would a little on the nose, wouldn't it? I return home usually exhausted and beat.
"What's exhaustive about working in a chocolate shop?"
Well, some employees left, so I've been pulling double duty. I've had to do everything from heaving in orders off the trucks to spending hours taking inventory of every single type of item in one specific category, to say nothing of taking painstaking lengths to adjust prices or translate stock de
:icongamemasterfel:GamemasterFel 5 25
The Pathetic Story of Greg the Creep
Here's a depressing statistic: in the States alone, one in six women and one in nineteen men will be stalked. In Canada, according to this 2011 National Post Article according to research, on average, roughly 20% of the total population in most provinces were subject to an episode of stalking in their lives. Crazy, isn't it? Keep in mind, all the above was taken from accounts from those who witnessed and reported their stalkers or had evidence of any kind. It doesn't take into account, you know, being stalked without one's knowledge.
Gonna sleep well tonight, eh?
I say this to provide context: Yeah, in one episode in my life, I had a stalker of my very own. Lucky me. Hur-freaking-rah. 
This was about three to four years ago, Concordia University. Spring term. I had taken a non-credit course on Science-Fiction Li
:icongamemasterfel:GamemasterFel 7 38
Draenei Paladin commission :iconmattdemino:MattDeMino 93 5
Mature content
Junko Momoi Underground Boxing Gear :icondeadpoolthesecond:deadpoolthesecond 99 28
Mature content
Shizuru Tana Underground Boxing Gear :icondeadpoolthesecond:deadpoolthesecond 119 15
Mature content
Zetsubi Hazama Underground Boxing Gear :icondeadpoolthesecond:deadpoolthesecond 183 22


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